What Is Freeborn Academy?

Freeborn Academy is a training company running workshops in communication and public speaking/presentation skills, and specialising in NLP certification.

What’s stopping you?

Learn how to change your mindset with NLP. What's stopping you from having everything you want?

Get NLP Certified

Receive a certificate at the end of your 7-day course to prove you’ve got new skills and that you’re a practitioner of NLP

Have Fun!

Have a week packed full of learning, change, and good memories with Freeborn Academy

Meet Our Founder

Tash Freeborn

Tash Freeborn has been training since 2014 and knows how you can get the results you want by learning new techniques to apply to your communication style.

What is NLP?

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) works by showing you how to change what you think and how you feel – because once you do that, the things you’re able to do completely change.


First you learn how your mind works – you understand more about what’s going on at a deeper level and how your mind has set up the habits and processes that either get you what you want or they don’t.


Once you know that, you can then learn how to change those processes. NLP shows you the process of changing and reprogramming your habits, thoughts, and feelings so you feel happier more often. When people talk about the importance of ‘changing your mindset’, NLP is the way you can do that.

How it works?

The Format Of Your NLP Practitioner Course

Get in touch with us and get booked on your NLP Practitioner course

We send your documents

We send you everything you need to prepare for the NLP Practitioner course. You get an audio programme to listen to, and your manual for reference.

You fill in the documents

Fill in the documents we send you and send us an email to let us know you’ve listened to your audio programme before the course.

Come on your 7-day training!

We run from 9am-5pm and that’s where you get to finally put into practice everything you’ve read about.

Learn, laugh, meet likeminded people & transform

This is when you get rid of the bad things you think about yourself, get really confident, have a great time with other course members, and get super motivated!

Receive your certificate!

On successful completion of the course, the very last thing you do on Day 7 of your Practitioner course is receive your certificate

Get out there and make a difference!

What People Have Said About The Course

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