5 Reasons NLP Makes You a Better Entrepreneur

5 Reasons NLP Makes You a Better Entrepreneur

Let’s not even get started on the challenge of work-life balance or the guilt that comes with being a business owner AND a parent, okay?

They can be challenges for a whole different post.

But let’s face it, if you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, whether you’re a CEO or sole trader, whatever you call yourself, you know one thing.

It’s hard work being your business.

And if your business is going to keep kicking butt and getting better every day, you don’t need to just work IN the business, you need to work ON the business – and that also means working on yourself.

No pressure, hey?

So, let’s explore how NLP can help you do that and, in turn, make you a better entrepreneur with what you learn.

#1. It Gives You More Confidence Than You Can Imagine

When it comes to how you feel about yourself, if you could do with a bit more confidence, you’re not alone.

Heck, you might want a LOT more confidence.

This is a good time to point out that confidence isn’t the same as arrogance – sometimes people put them down as the same thing, but they’re really not.

Arrogance is being way too boastful and pretentious about what you do and who you are.

Confidence can be quiet; it’s being totally assured about yourself and having absolute faith in who you are and what you can do. No doubts, just confidence.

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

To know that you have the total confidence to go for whatever it is you want, to put yourself out there and make a difference to other people’s lives as well as your own.

To get rid of the doubts and that mean little voice in the back of your head that sounds like a petty 13-year-old on XBox Live.

“You suck!”

“What are you doing, you idiot?!”

“Oh my god, you’re the worst, what are you thinking?”

Well, the whole point of NLP isn’t just to understand yourself and other people better.

It’s also about changing what isn’t working for you – and at the top of that list is thoughts and behaviours that aren’t what you want.

There are specific techniques and processes in NLP that get right to the problem of why you don’t feel as confident as you could – and change it.

It means you can get rid of those doubts and that lack of confidence in a really short space of time (literally 20 minutes) and finally feel really great about who you are and what you’re doing.

#2. It’s Easier To Promote Yourself When You’re Not Conflicted About Selling

There are a lot of business owners out there who aren’t 100% comfortable with saying what they charge, or even charging what they’re worth.

Not because they want to work for free, but sometimes it just feels awkward saying to someone what you charge.

It feels money grabbing, even though you know it’s not.

There’s always something in the back of your head that says someone’s going to tell you where to go if you raise your prices.

You know other people in your industry charge more, but it just doesn’t feel like you can do it too.

Are people going to judge you for what you charge? Is it too much? Too little?

You know it’s part of business and you’ve accepted that. You know you’ve got bills to pay. So why does it feel so awkward to have that conversation about fees and prices?

Changing how you think and feel about things doesn’t just have to be about yourself – it’s not always just wanting to feel more confident or less doubtful in your own mind, even though that can change easily.

The stuff you learn in NLP can change your perspective on more than just who you are and what you do, it can change how you feel about all kinds of things.

You can learn processes to take one specific thing (seriously, anything: shoes, chocolate, dogs, Paris, the list goes on…) that you feel rubbish about, and automatically feel awesome about it instead.

You can go from feeling weird about ‘price’ conversations, to excited.

You can go from being terrified about sales, to ecstatic.

Speaking of which…

#3. Sales Is Easy

When is sales easy?

When you know HOW your customers make a decision.

If you know how your customers make a decision, you just need to prove to them that what you’ve got fits with that, and you’re both happy.

With NLP, I teach something called strategies, which is how you go about making decisions in your head.

Everyone’s got them, and everyone has different ways of making decisions and has different outcomes because of that.

Understanding strategies with NLP means you can have a conversation with someone who’s interested in what you do, and figure out how they would make the decision on whether to work with you or not.

Then it’s just a matching process: can you give them what they want?

If you can, you literally just explain to them how it matches, and it makes it super easy for them to say ‘Yes’ to you!

#4. You Understand Your Customers Better Than You Ever Could

You know what it’s like when someone really, truly gets you?

It’s like a warm feeling inside – you feel like you belong.

Like you’re in the right place.

Everything they say just really resonates with you and you’re totally on the same page.

What’s the key to happy customers?

Knowing what they want – and giving it to them.

If you can do that, and do it really well, you can give every single one of your clients that feeling.

I could pick from a bunch of things in NLP that help you understand customers better, but let’s go with one for now – language.

Do you know what someone REALLY means when they say something?

Can you tell what certain words mean when they use them?

Or do you just have to try and guess what they’re hinting at?

When you’re guessing, you’re just throwing stuff at the wall and hoping it sticks. You might make some people feel really understood just through sheer luck, but it’s not going to be a guarantee.

What you really want is a better understanding of language, how people use it, and how you can use it in a way that’s really meaningful for the person you’re talking to.

The L in NLP stands for Linguistic, i.e. language, so when you learn about NLP, you can bet you’re getting a solid foundation of how to see what people mean more clearly and what to do and say so that they feel heard.

You can figure out what’s really going on with them (even if they haven’t specifically said it out loud), and you can even figure out the exact words to use so that they know 100% that you really get where they’re coming from.

#5. It’s 10x Easier to Take Action

Easiest way to get someone to do something fast?

Give them a non-negotiable deadline.

We’ve all done it – waited until the last minute to finish something, even though you had ages, because the deadline is finally coming up and you have no choice but to get it done pretty damn quick or not get it done at all (which isn’t an option).

As an entrepreneur, sometimes your deadlines are ones that you set. And sometimes you can be a bit… flexible.

Didn’t get it done today? Oh, never mind. There’s always tomorrow.

Procrastination is a progress killer.

It can slow you down or just stop you dead when you’re trying to build, maintain, or grow a business.

Sometimes, the problem with working to deadlines is stuff gets done when it HAS to, and it can end up being a bit of a panic and a stress, instead of things getting done ASAP and your To Do list is basically non-existent because you’ve just been so damn efficient that you’ve got loads done.

One of the main aims of NLP is giving you a way to change certain behaviours from something that’s really useless (i.e. procrastinating) into something way more useful, and even profitable (motivation and taking action!).

If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s entirely possible that you could be taking so much more inspired action than you are right now.

And you might not be doing it because you have doubts, maybe you’re afraid of being seen, it could be because you’re procrastinating, or you’re just not sure you can show your customers that you understand them.

Whatever it is, there’s an answer, and if you’re interested, drop me a line or find out more about learning NLP.