Four Lessons You Can Learn with NLP That Make You a Better Employee

Four Lessons You Can Learn with NLP That Make You a Better Employee

You know you want to do great in your job, impress your boss, and maybe even get that raise.

But how do you stand out in an office full of people, and how do you make yourself the BEST when there are still simple things that bother you?

(Like making a difficult phone call, asking for more money, or even just giving a presentation?)

Here’s what you can learn in NLP that make you the best employee you can be.

#1. Communicating Is 10x Easier

Everyone knows at least one person in their office that makes you come away from a meeting with them and go, ‘What were they talking about?’ ‘They talked a lot, but did they really SAY anything?’ ‘I have no idea what they meant.’

NLP is a lens through which you can understand and more accurately see human behaviour.

It’s a way of understanding how you can communicate really effectively because you understand people way better than you ever did before.

By understanding specific language patterns and words, you can have a much clearer picture of what people mean when they say something, and learn how to steer them in the right direction in any conversation or meeting.

On that basis, it means that anyone you work with or meet with who makes you go ‘What were they on about?’ can suddenly make so much more sense to you.

You can finally get that wishy-washy person to agree to a specific deadline or outcome.

You can take the ramblings of senior management and understand exactly what they’re saying and what they want, and put it into actionable plans for you and your team.

You can know that you will be totally understood, no matter who you’re talking to!

#2 You Can Make Progress With People You Don’t Like or Know Well

Sometimes you feel a bit awkward trying to create a good working relationship with someone you don’t know very well.

Sometimes you just plain don’t like someone, which gets in the way of working easily and happily.

NLP teaches you how to build amazing rapport at a conscious and unconscious level – (and yes, it’s more than just asking someone where they’re going on holiday this year!)

That means you can instantly connect with absolutely anyone, whether you know or like them or not, and they feel completely at ease and happy around you.

It makes you easier to talk to, and it makes others easier to talk to for you.

How much better will your office environment and projects be once you get on really well with (and actually quite like!) every single person you work with, and know that they really like you too?

How nice would it be if, instead of having to gear yourself up to pick up the phone and have false small talk with someone to get a sale, your clients or connections were calling YOU because they like talking to you so much?

#3. You’re More Comfortable and Confident With Speaking

Whether it’s a phonecall you don’t want to make, a difficult appraisal, a scary meeting, or a presentation you have to give, you can completely change how you feel about specific situations with a good understanding of the techniques in NLP.

In NLP, you can use specific processes that change how certain situations make you feel – whether that’s on the phone or speaking in public.

No more sweaty palms and racing heart, just because you’re about to say a few words!

Not only that, but on a course with me, you get GREAT presentation tips that make you super comfortable with speaking to an audience, and guarantee that your presentation will be exciting and interesting for everyone.

Once you’re more confident with speaking to anyone, or any group of people, at any time, you can be super productive and happy, knowing that you can handle anything that comes your way and really impress everyone you come into contact with.

#4. You Can Learn How to Help People Make Decisions

It might be a sale you’re hoping to make, an interview you want to nail, or trying to convince your boss that you deserve a raise or promotion.

Whatever it is, wouldn’t it be helpful if you knew HOW they were going to make that decision, and see whether you can give them exactly what they want?

With NLP you can understand a person’s strategies – that’s how they go through a certain process in their head and make decisions.

If you knew exactly what criteria they were looking for and how they can be convinced that you’re the right person for the job, wouldn’t that make all the difference for you?

It means that you can be completely prepared for the next steps in the process and go in with all the information that you need to make them sure that they want you to be the one they work with.

If you’re interested in what NLP can do for you, get in touch – I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!