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What is NLP … and Why Should I Care?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming… but…

That’s not really what you wanted to know, was it?

You want to know what NLP really is, and why you should even care.

NLP is a term that gets used a lot – even though there isn’t a huge understanding about what it is (or what it does).

And sometimes the reports of what it ‘is’ can be a little… off.

Let’s see if we can make things a little clearer.

NLP is all about you.

Everything to do with you!

It’s all about the way you feel…

how you think…

and the way you react to things that happen to you.

It’s about how you get motivated

(And why you sometimes don’t get motivated when you’re supposed to!)

It’s about why some things annoy you

(Even when they don’t annoy anyone else)

It’s about the reason some things really send you over the edge.

It’s about understanding what it is that stops you doing the things everyone else seems to find so easy.

It’s the way you talk to other people…

And the way you talk to yourself.

It’s the processes your mind goes through without you even realising.

(Including the unhelpful ones).

And NLP takes all of those things and ties them up together.

It explains why all those things happen the way they do.

And then it takes it all one step further.

Because NLP is also about how you can change those things (if you want to)

Imagine if you could stop being anxious about presentations or speaking in public – in less than half an hour.

You could never need to turn down a work opportunity again simply because you were afraid of having to talk.

With NLP you can do that.

Neuro Linguistic Programming combines decades of psychological therapies and techniques and brings them under one umbrella.

The common theme is personal development.

The whole purpose of NLP is to recognise and understand that you have so much more potential than you use (and probably far more than you even realise).

The biggest problem we need to resolve is our awareness of our potential and how you then harness it and make it work for you.

So NLP took approaches from different types of therapists and psychologists, all of which had the aim of furthering human potential, and put them all together to explain how human potential REALLY works.

Because if you undersatnd that you can understand how to change what needs changing (like the things you believe you can’t have, or aren’t good enough to do).

And if you can change those, you can change what you do.

And if you change what you do, you start to see a change in what you get back…

From work…

From people…

From loved ones…

From life.

And you can really start to see what you’re capable of.

If you want to know more, send an email with your questions or look into our courses and booking your place here.